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Welcome To The FWR Headquarters!

Greetings my friends from the non-localized Fourth World Radio cyber-headquarters! I am writing this today to welcome you to fourthworldradio.com and give a brief introduction to this blog, some upcoming posts that I will be adding here. As you may have noticed, we have recently released our first full-length album, "Transmission: One", which can be purchased on iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby, Bandcamp, and streamed on Spotify (to name a few options)...



This is the opening track on Transmission: One. The song is called "Lush", which can be read as a double entendre slang for an alcoholic, but here it is really meant to describe the landscape in this epic adventure (abundant, dense, green, verdant, luxurious, opulent, overgrown), but you can view it either way you'd like. Shaken, not stirred. Or the other way around.


When a friend of mine glanced at the CD cover and noticed the song "Ibiza", she asked me, "Have you ever been?" I said "No, and that's what that song is all about".


It was this kind of stubborn naivete and blind determination that I wanted to capture here. But also, I wanted to include the conflict of being aware of the dangers ahead. I wanted to give a snapshot of the back and forth debate that may cross the mind before making the ultimate decision to take that potentially damaging plunge. "This is the last time…" our Narrator says before doing a complete 180 and promising his life for the quest. This song is basically about the moment of that decision. And magnifying it to seven minutes, twenty seconds.


So the storm is passing us… the thunder fades into the distance and the rain dissipates, and we come to… and find ourselves in a new environment. The heart of a lush tropical paradise. A cacophony of birds is in full swing, a mesmerizing and simply beautiful symphony of abstract communication. An envelopment of sound that holds some sort of primal meaning for our avian choir, though we know not what or why. It could just be a simple expression of life, a community mating call or instinctive prayer. But then something else happens…


"If you would operate by means of our bodies, take a fierce grey wolf, which, though on account of its name it be subject to the sway of warlike Mars, is by birth the offspring of ancient Saturn, and is found in the valleys and mountains of the world, where he roams savage with hunger. Cast to him the body of the King, and when he has devoured it, burn him entirely in a great fire. By this process the King will be liberated; and when it has been performed thrice the Lion has overcome the wolf, and will find nothing to devour in him. Thus our Body has been rendered fit for first stage of our work. "


...it is cry for redemption, a determined hope that one day, after all is suffered and enjoyed, it will all make sense, that if we overcome the obstacles, solve enough problems, take enough chances, and follow our bliss with razor sharp focus and freight train velocity, into the darkest and most treacherous waters that may be ahead, through the night and into the next cycle…


And in this era of uncertainty, when faced with the decision to use this discovery, without knowing the consequences, to call out and ask for help or some sort of revelation that may unify the masses, these are the questions this song asks. And more realistically, is this what it takes to turn things around? Something beyond ourselves, some alien presence, a visit from God, or gods, or some terrifying beast, some common enemy or perspective-shattering vision? Is life not enough or hard enough as it is, just to live,  to finally figure it out and fly straight?


So here we are, it looks as if our adventure is coming to a close. The horizon we have been aiming for is slowly turning into our present landscape, and we are almost home. But… not without the final push, the last few steps that will really test the will, break sweat, draw blood and tears of pain and joy. There is light ahead and we think back one last time to all we have seen and done, before putting our head down and never looking back.

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